The “Six-Inches Above the Knee” Rule and Other Horror Stories

We live in a culture where it is assumed far too often that our most innocuous actions have a sexual motive. This mindset is both a cause of and is exasperated by dress codes that target young women. For a society that supposedly values self-expression so much, it’s about time to understand what that means.

A Love Letter to Public Schools

In the 12 years between the first grade and my high school graduation, I attended eight schools: seven public schools and one charter school. Each of these schools taught me a love for learning and a desire to pursue lifelong education. Public school has shaped the lives of myself and 91% of American students, and my only complaint is that our society does not do enough to return the favor. The appointment of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education was not merely another political move this year I disagreed with; it was a heartbreaking decision that completely disregarded the one thing the children of the world deserve more than anything else: unhindered access to quality education.

The Military Kid Struggle to Pick a Hometown

“Where are you from?”

A basic question, one would think, and exceedingly common among college students. In college, you find yourself amongst thousands of other young people, all coming from different areas of the world, and everyone wants to get to know each other. Most people have a fairly straightforward answer, but I believe military kids, and those who also move frequently, deserve some extra credit when they have to settle on a hometown.

Tampons, Taxes, and Turmoil

It is a monthly event for about half the world’s population for a large part of their lives: you were all dressed and ready to go about your business but were interrupted by the sudden arrival of your period. Now you have to dash to the nearest convenience store to buy your preferred feminine hygiene products, luxury tax included. Personal hygiene is a fundamental human right, and our society should act in such a way that reflects this.